my ukulele book — one-off printing on request

The first edition of my ukulele book is sold out, but, while I’m thinking about reprinting or otherwise, I’d be happy to make one off copies (printed and stapled, but no cover) for $12 (AUD) plus postage and handling for anyone who is interested.

The book aims to help ukulele strummers play the tune as they strum. You can learn a little about it in the video below:

Information on how to buy it can also be found on the ‘how-to-buy-my-book’ page.

I donate to youngcare half the net purchase price of any book sold.


If you don’t want to buy my book (that’s ok), please consider donating to youngcare yourself.

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Twin ukuleles what I made

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Stagg electric ukulele for sale

I’m still hoping to finance a new camera. This uke is fun, but I’m not a ‘rocker’.

Asking price is $150.00 (AUD). Please message me if you are interested. If you are not local to Brisbane area, postage and packaging will add to the cost.

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Selling my Ayers Soprano uke

I’m selling my Ayers soprano ukulele to help feed my new addiction to photography.

It is a great little ukulele. It plays well, has good intonation and sustain, and it sounds nice too. It was hand made in Vietnam for the Ayers Guitar company.

Please let me know if you are interested. If you are not in the Brisbane (Australia) area, postage will have to be added to the price.


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Beautiful Dreamer (sound test)

This is a sound test for HC-V160 video recorder.

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Fur Elise (sort of)

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What sort of Cockatoo?

Licmetis is a subgenus of the white cockatoos (genus Cacatua). They are collectively known as corellas in Australia.”


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Classic Spider


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Spider, breeze, sun and ukulele

Filmed with my HC-V160 panasonic thing from about 5 metres away (x77 zoom). The spider seems to bob to the strumming of the ukulele.

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A bird!

Got a video camera to do ukulele videos, and while testing the zoom (x77) on some leaves, a bird just strolled by.

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Hols at Palm Beach (Australian Gold Coast)

Spent a week at the Gold Coast. Picture below shows the closest distance I got to the sea (or it to me). I’m not a beach person.

michael GC hols

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