Ukulele Sales in the USA 1956 and 1966

The following sales statistics come from the magazine Billboard vol. 79, No. 16, 1 July 1967, p. 47:

1956                                                    1966

   (Million units)                               (Million units)

Pianos                           19.7                                                23.3

Guitars                           2.6                                                10.0

Drums                            0.2                                                  1.1

Harmonicas                    0.4                                                 1.0

Zithers and Bongos       0.02                                               1.1

Accordians                      1.5                                                  1.0

UKULELES                     1.5                                                 0.8

The articles ascribes the change between the years to the Beatles. (But George and Paul play(ed) ukulele!)

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  1. Stange that wordpress does not include a table button in their editor! If your hosted version will let you, you can search for the word “table” on the “add new plugin” screen. If not, you would have to switch to “html” view and code your own – here are good and easy instructions for doing a table manually:

    • Thanks Donnie – WordPress probably does have a table button, but I’m too new at this to know. I start looking as you advise.

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