The Ukulele and US Baseball Players

At least three US baseball players have had their names linked to the ukulele.

Joe DiMaggio’s photograph (with ukulele and a number of young women) appeared in Life magazine of 1 May, 1939, page 67. But it’s ok, he only pretends to play.

Baseball Digest revealed, in March 1973, that Norm Cash, who played for the Detroit Tigers, was a “ukelele strummer and a singer of Texas songs” off the field, and that “he’s not averse to doing solo dances either.”

Babe Ruth is featured in the New York Magazine of 7 March 1983 (page 48). It was reported that, in his spare time, Babe Ruth used to drop bars of soap from his penthouse into a fountain below, hoping to splash those passing by. “When he wasn’t bombing strangers, Ruth liked to party with friends … entertaining them by playing his ukulele (badly).”

If he had to do something badly, it might as well have been ukulele playing.

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