A Ukulele in ol’ Blue Eyes’s Closet

Life magazine did a feature on Frank Sinatra (3 May 1943), which included the following (on page 58):

Sinatra, the son of middle-class parents of Italian descent, was born in Hoboken, N.J.  His childhood, as he remembers it, was not especially eventual.  “I was just an average kid,” he says. “But I always wanted to sing.”  His summer vacations were spent with his aunt at a New Jersey beach resort. At moonlight bathing parties he used to play the ukulele and sing. All available sources fail to indicate that either his voice or ukulele playing were anything out of the ordinary. But it was an age of crooners — an age of Crosby’s Where the Blue of the Night and Vallee’s Vagabond Lover — and Sinatra responded to the influence that was everywhere around him. That it was, at the moment, a subconscious response in no way lessens its importance.

Maybe I should look up Freud on the ukulele…

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