The ukulele and war secrets

The Argus newspaper of Melbourne, Australia, was finally permitted to reveal on the front page (27 of September, 1940) that the ukulele was played as a ship, carrying Australian trainee airmen, left for Canada some months before.  After the young men were safely in Canada, it could be reported that the tallest of the trainees was 6 feet 5.5 inches tall, and one of them was a leading long distance runner.

Their departure was a closely guarded secret, the men themselves not being informed of their destination until 24 hours before departure time…

Half an hour before the liner pulled out from an Australian port, an airman with a ukulele accompanied a group singing “Wish me luck.” “Oh, Johnnie!” and “Till the lights of London shine again.” As the grey ship swung down the stream the notes of “Waltzing Matilda” came back to the little group on the pier.

So, you may know what tunes he played on the ukulele, but you may not know the Quay (sorry).

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