Ukuleles, Sunlight and Southport, 1933

A special representative for the Brisbane Courier-Mail, 11 December, 1933, gives some advice for young hopefuls with ukuleles.

Castles in the air

Life savers, with features and form of classic gods, struggled for supremacy in the sport that typifies more than any other the sunlit beaches and the open-air life of Australians.

Tiny children … built their sand castles.

Young women, slender and golden as sunflowers, stretched luxuriantly on the burning sands, revelled in the sun god’s wanton glances, and built their castles (in the air) too.

Young men, with unruly mops of lank hair, strummed guitars and ukuleles, and sang mournfully, “I wanna give my happiness to you-oo-oo.”  But the fair ones heeded them not. Those who were not shooting the breakers were too engrossed in the stalwart life-savers, or some other sun-browned surfers, or, mayhap, they were merely lost in girlhood’s indolent trances. The beach is not the place for young men to sing mournful dirges with any great degree of success.

A mournful dirge is not best played on a ukulele, anyway. A guitar is so much better at being mournful. BTW, this link leads to a less than mournful version of “Let me give my happiness to you“.

From 1933 movie ‘The Good Companions’
(Furber / Posford)

I’ll be happy making you glad
I’ll be sorry when you are sad
Let me give my happiness to you, please do
All the sunshine here in my heart
Take it, keep it, just for a start
Let me give my happiness to you

I can do without it just a little while
I’ll be happy when you smile
Don’t ever doubt it, we’ll win through
Take it from me, please do

I’ll be happy making you glad
Can’t be happy when you are sad
Let me give my happiness to you

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