Some of the woes of Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike)

The Milwaukee Sentinel of 24 August 1930 reported that…

Cliff Edwards Not in Society
Bars Alimony

Los Angeles, Cal Aug 23 — (I.N.S.)– Social position, as far as Cliff Edwards, song writer and actor, is concerned, is non-existent.

“I have no social position,” he told the court. “I am just Ukulele Ike.” This assertion was forthcoming from Edwards after his estranged wife told the court she needed $250 a week “to keep up appearances befitting the social standing of Mr. Edwards.” She sought this amount as alimony pending trial of a divorce suit and a legal battle over $150,000 worth of property.

The Lewiston Daily Sun (23 April 1931) tells us that Clifton A. Edwards “Ukelele Ike” was trying to overturn a previous agreement that gave his wife, Mrs Irene L. Edwards, $100 000 in property and a third of his income. He accused her of “misconduct” with musician Austin J. Young.

A picture in the Library of Congress might show the couple on a happier day:

The New York Times reported on 20 August 1931 that Cliff Edwards’ son, George Edwards lost both legs due to being run over by a train — never heard this before, and don’t know how things worked out for the boy.

Further, mid August 1932, Mr. Edwards was persued by Mrs. Irene L. Edwards for $17399 worth of missed alimony payments.  Seemingly undeterred, Cliff announced his engagement to Miss Nancy Dover on 30 August 1932.

Again, Ukulele Ike was in court over his hair. The Ottawa Citizen (4 July 1939) tells us that Ms Georgia George, beautian, claimed that she caused “beautiful” and “healthy” hair to grow on Cliff Edwards bald head; once “as barren of hair” he said, “as a ukelele.” Mr Edwards admitted that hair grew, but it was not nice. He thought $324 was too much to pay for it.

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  1. These real life aspects of CE’s life are tough to read. Thanks for sharing the link. Jeff / HU

  2. Thanks for all your info on Ukulele Ike, much appreciated!

    • You’re dropping by is most appreicated too! (Are you with that impressive all female band from the uk?)

      All the best,

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