The Backward Ukulele Player meets Bosko and Honey!

The internationally famous ukulele couple, Bosko and Honey (and friends), took time out of their busy schedule to drop in on the backward ukulele player and family. I was incoherent with happiness — and remain so. 

B&H at Our Place

Bosko and Honey are travelling to the Melbourne Ukulele Festival. With them are amazing ukulele performers, Gensblue and Yan Yalego, Mark the driver (who has already had his first ukulele lessons on safari) and the friendly camera-person-from-Melbourne-who-plays-ukulele-while-surfing, Jo Bangles. 

You can follow them via their UKULELE SAFARI OZ 2010 page.

PS: my youngest son found that Honey was very interested in his six different lego versions of Indiana Jones.