Paying off the First World War one ukulele at a time

The Evening Independent reported on 30 July 1924 that ukulele fever had hit Berlin hard. Germany wanted a ukulele in every home. The uke was promoted with special musical tunes, “Ukulele Heinie” and “Try Me on Your Cat” [must have lost something in translation], as examples. Every ukulele sale contributed to the paying of war reparations, as Germany put a big sales tax on musical instruments, it seems, for that purpose.

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Was the ukulele embezzeled?

The Sarasota Herald of 2 August 1927 reported that the City Council’s ukulele had gone missing. It was ordered C.O.D around February 1926, and the agent who delivered it wants $15, but no one in authority at Council can lay hands on it. Councilman Stephens said that Council didn’t mind paying for it,  but ‘we might as well get some good out of it’. It seems that some greedy soul was hogging public property. The Council was anxious to retrieve its ukulele.

At $15 in 1926, that’s probably a Martin or a Gibson.

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