Playing ukulele the Gracie Allen way

Two separate newspapers reported on the Gracie Allen method of learning the ukulele. Having watched Ms Allen play, it’ll be good advice to follow:

The Evening Independent (8 November 1938):

Gracie Allen, who is learning to play a ukeleleĀ for a scene in “Honolulu,” explains the ease in learning to play the instrument. “All you have to do,” says Gracie, “is to scratch your tummy for a while and then put a ukelele there.”

A more dignified report from The St Petersburg Times (16 November 1938):

Visiting on the “Honolulu” set, I found Gracie Allen strumming a ukelele — and doing a masterly job of it. “It is hard to learn?” I asked and she grinned like a Cheshire Cat. “Dead easy,” she said. ” “You just scratch your stomach rhythmically — then insert the uke!”

I think she was refining the joke as she was improving her strum.

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