The Instrumentalist’s Creed

The Music Trade Review included this advice in one of its issues of 1915:

1. Keep your instrument clean

2. Remember that slow practice is the study of the gods.

3. Honor your teacher — even if you do believe you know more than he does.

4. Less practice on your instrument — but more thinking and studying away from it will be conducive to greater results and higher development.

5. Embrace every opportunity to play concerted music. If there are no opportunities create them.

6. Keep your ears and eyes open to everything and everybody; in other words, study carefully the method of every artist.

7. Be a musician as well as an executant.

8. Remember that though you may be able to play everything from A to Z it does not mean that you are a musician.

9. Remember that an ounce of tonal quality is worth a ton of technique.

10. Work for your health while working to achieve artistic ambitions; for fresh air, deep breathing and long walks mean renewed vigor and mental activity. — From the Australian Bandsman.

Reproduced courtesy of The International Arcade Museum and the Musical Box Society International.

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  1. Seems to me more then the truth!

  2. Loved The Instrumentalist’s Creed

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