How to use a ukulele to marry off your daughter

An interesting piece of advice (in the form of a story) was given in the Sarasota Herald of 6 November 1927:

There was a very likable young chap in the neighborhood and a red-headed girl [who] were fairly good friends — but nothing more.

So one day, the father came home and found his red-headed daughter sitting in the swinging seat on the porch listening to the likable young man who was playing “Red lips, Kiss My Blues Away,” or some such classic on the ukulele.

The father grabbed the ukulele and threw it to the lawn.

“Young man,” he said, “take your ribaldries somewhere else, you can’t indulge in them here.”

“Papa!” cried the red-headed daughter.

“What do you mean, sir?” demanded the likable young man, “Are you crazy?”

“I’ll show you whether I’m crazy or not,” said the intelligent papa, and he took his daughter in the house and told her if she ever spoke to that likable young man again he’d give her a good sound whipping, even if she was a girl and eighteen years old at that.

It wasn’t two months till the red-headed daughter and the likable young man were married. Papa glowered all through the ceremony, but when the knot was tied he took his daughter in his arms and said, “There, that’s one good job done.”

The moral of the story seems to have been for fathers to make sure they object most strongly to the least objectionable of the young men who’ve shown an interest in their daughters. Following this advice might involve some danger, but did you notice that the least objectionable suitor in this story played ukulele?

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