Ukulele Lady caught out of tune (or out of the box)

Seemed to have been a number of racehorses named after the Ukulele in the 1920s, some for good — some for not so good — reasons.

The New Zealand Truth reported in April 1929 that some funny business had been going on at the local trotting meet (that’s a horserace where the jockey sits in a little cart which the horse pulls along).

Apparently a new comer, Ukulele Lady, did very well at its first race in NZ — surprisingly well, in fact,¬†until it was discovered that ‘Ukulele Lady’ used to be called ‘Pandora’ in Victoria, Australia, where it had quite a good reputation (3.34 over 1.5 miles and 4.45 for 2 miles). Somebody just forgot to mention these facts of history and nomenclature¬†to the handicapper. Things do slip one’s mind from time to time.

This is neither Ukulele Lady nor Ukelele Lady (Wikipedia)

Another trotter, Ukelele Lady (we assume it was a different horse), in November 1929, was also doing very well, running the first mile in 2.2o, but was finally beaten by the proverbial nose.

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