Practice Ukulele in Jail, Says Judge

The Norwalk Hour reported on 9 October 1925 that James A. Manning will have to practice his ukulele playing in jail. Apparently he was nicked for stealing an overcoat from the YD Club, Temple Street, New Haven. He says that he was drunk and a nice person at the club said he could wear it. John L Long said that he didn’t let Manning wear the coat, and it was John L. Long’s coat.

Manning said that he was no thief and that he was just about to open a dance and ukulele school. The judge fined Manning $15 and sent him to jail for 15 days, telling that him could dance and practice his ukulele there.

More people in gaol should dance and play uke, I think.

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  1. Given that he was a judge, he presumably said “Practise ukulele”: ‘practice’ is a noun.

    • Hi, presumably, as he was born and raised in the United States of America, he said precisely what was written (but who would know from the sound of it?). In the US, practice does double duty as a verb or a noun depending on context — unsettling though it might be for those accustomed to better English. Thanks for dropping by.

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