What’s the country coming to?

The Daily Times of 27 January 1930 asked this question because a man had been arrested for  stealing a saxophone. Next thing you know it will be considered a misdemeanor to assault a ukelele player! (Ha Ha, says I)

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Stay up there until you learn to play ukulele

The Prescott Evening Courier reported on the 23 July 1929 that pilots Dale ‘Red’ Jackson and Forest O’Brine broke the then world record for continuous flying — 271 hours worth!

Among the motives for the endurance flight, apart from breaking the record, was the fact that each pilot received $1324 each for exceeding the old record by 24 hrs. (Remember, $1 in 1929 is about the same as $60 today)

The other motive — or reason, at least — was the fact that Mrs Jackson had told her husband not to come down until he had learned to play the ukulele. “That” said she, “would keep you up there for quite a while.” He must have been a virtuoso by touch down time.

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