Knocked out by his own ukulele

Berkeley Daily Gazette, 13 May 1930: Larry S. Steele had one tough ukulele. He remembers having an argument with three strangers, before waking up in hospital. He was found insensible in his car, and he claims that the strangers beat him unconscious with his own ukulele. Never underestimate the potential of this little instrument.

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  1. That must have been a banjolele, right? I’m a wimp but I think I could take a wooden uke to the head and remain conscious.

    • My theory is that it was a veneer boat-anchor of a uke — it was certainly no martin.

  2. maybe it was a Donmo uke? (tho’ Donmo wasn’t making them in the 30’s)

    • Maybe… I don’t think of a metal uke. That would work!

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