Ukulele left in Honolulu

The Pittsburgh Press of 29 June 1916 tells of Ms Emme Williams, a forgetful Miss who while holidaying in Honolulu bought a ‘rare type of Hawaiian musical instrument’ — a ukulele. While packing to return to California, she omitted to slip the uke in her trunk. Half way home on the boat, she discovered her error, sent a wireless message to the hotel she had stayed in, and planned her return trip from San Francisco back to Hawaii. 5000 miles later, she had her uke again. “Of course.” said she, “I could have ordered it expressed to me but I was afraid it would be broken. Anyway, I enjoyed the trip on the Pacific to Honolulu.”

I hope she learned how to play it after all that, but I don’t suppose there was much money left for lessons.

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