Atomic Bomb Causes Ukulele Revival

The Herald Journal of 4 February 1950 theorised about the return of the ukulele and come up with an interesting thought — the H-bomb did it. A reporter put it this way:

Arthur Godfrey has re-popularised the ukulele in the land, and I even got a squint of Cliff Edwards working for his living with the same instrument the other night. Sophie Tucker is going great in the provinces, the Coonskin coat is back, and prohibition jokes are funny again. Even the hip flask is staging a revival.

I can stand another siege of the flapper, I suppose, and might even find some grisly humor in a reinstatement of prohibition, if I am the kind of chap who gets giggles from being shot at in his home by booze agents earning their pay. But I don’t understand what is causing all this backwash to the gay days, unless that anything is preferable to that nice big custard pie Mr Truman just set out to cool. Maybe the imminence of the H-Bomb has druv us all back to the comfortable silliness of the jazz age.

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