L. M. Glackens and the ukulele in New York, 1916

In 1916, the New York Tribune featured illustrations by L. M. Glaskens about the ukulele. He seems to have taken a less than flattering view of the noble little instrument, but perhaps captures (in a back-handed way) its popularity at the time.

The Ukulele by Louis M. Glackens

Louis M. Glackens (1866–1933) was an American illustrator, animator and cartoonist, was the brother of painter and illustrator William Glackens.

According to Wikipedia (from whence I pinched this info), Louis M. Glackens was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the 1890s he began to work for Puck, a magazine known for its political and social satire, where his humorous depictions of different ethnic groups reflected the melting pot of New York City at that time. When Puck was sold in 1914, he began to work for Barré Studio and Bray Productions pioneering some early animation films.

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  1. Nice! Best thing I’ve seen on here yet! I’d love to have a full-sized reprint…

    • Hi Josh,
      If you click on the picture, you’d get a big version of it… but that’s all I’ve got.

  2. I’ve got a children’s book at home illustrated by Louis M Glackens.
    It was written by my grandmother’s aunt Marguerite Day in 1924. I have been trying to find things by him online! His brother is the more famous Glackens.
    Imagine my surprise to find this cartoon on Robert Armstrong’s facebook page. A whole page from 1916(!)about UKES!!!!! I’m in heaven!!

    • Very happy to have been of some small help to you. Are you willing to confess to me the name of the Children’s book?

      All the best,

  3. “Tell ‘Em Again Tales” Yes, here’s a link to a few scans: http://amycrehore.blogspot.com/2010/12/childrens-book-author-in-my-family-1924.html

  4. Ditto on all the kudos.

    Wondering how you located the image. I’d like to poke around for other ukulele-related news items and illos. Cheers!


    • Thanks for liking my find. As to how I found it….

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