Anytime, and not so happy Herbert Lawson

The author of that old-time favourite, Anytime, was recaptured in Chattanooga 15 days after he had escaped from the County Jail, Deland — so the Daytona Beach Morning Journal reported, 27 June, 1950.

Mr Lawson was being detained in order to answer two charges of embezzlement, and charges of removing property — as well, now, of jail breaking. He had promised to arrange and publish songs for a woman, but failed to do what he had been paid to do.

I can’t find any other biographical details of Herbert Lawson. Wish I had happier things to say.

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  1. another one I should learn, both the chords/lyrics and your nice chord solo arrangement. I think they’d mesh pretty well, don’t you?

    • Thanks for kind words — I’ve sent you a link to the sheet music (which I hope will work).

  2. Hi Reyalpeleluku,

    I would LOVE to learn this song Anytime! Any chance you could send me a link? I would reallly apppreciate itttt!

    BEst Aimee .

  3. I’m learning to play ‘Any Time’ on keyboard. It’s a very lovely song, and was very popular in the early fifties, when I was a boy. You can find music and lyrics in Blake Neely’s book ‘How to play from a fake book’.

    The problem with this song is that it’s too slow, with notes longer than one bar. Listen how the ukulele player fills chords in between the notes.

    I’m looking too for more info about the author. Please send me any piece of bio that you can get.

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