The second cigarbox uke finished

I just have to hand it over to the boy (the hard part).

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A Cigarbox ukulele — my second attempt.

My eight-year-old asked me to make him a ukulele. This is the result so far. Tomorrow or the next day, the strings go on, I hope.



more cigarbox

and more still
I got the cigarbox (plywood) from here. The Huon Pine top, a friend gave me. I bought the Maple neck from here, and carved it myself — no professional would do such a lousy job.
Bracing…. (Tasmanian oak, but thin, on the top. Cheap pine to strengthen back and sides.)

top bracing

back and sides
The neck is slotted into the body of the cigar box and strengthens the box as well.
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Vanuatu — small eight-stringed instrument

A friend just arrived home from Vanuatu, and showed me a picture of a local band called the Tangoa String Band.

Does anyone one know what the instrument is called?

Tangoa String Band

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My Wild Irish Rose (1909) on my Cole Clark uke

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