Post, post impressionist art on ukuleles — from 1917

Robert Edwards was an illustrator of magazine stories, but was dissatisfied with this lucrative lot. He took up futurist art, but this led to cubism and post, post impressionism, which, as the reporter for the The Sun (15 July 1917) said, would have led to drink and desolation.

What saved our bohemian of Greenwich Village from this dismal fate? The ukulele! And not any ukulele, but hand-made box ukuleles (and ukuleles of other peculiarly proportioned prisms), which he decorated with futurist art works. He took his first creation to a local restaurant and sang a song. A fellow customer asked regarding the ‘fiddle’ he was playing, and ended the brief conversation with the offer to buy the object for $25 (about $1250.00 in current coin) — SOLD! — and our suffering artist never looked back.

Mr. Edwards and his ukes

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