“I’ll take you home again, Kathleen” by Thomas P. Westendorf (1876)

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“Just singing, singing in the train”

The Perth Mirror reported, on 1 April 1922, of “Hit, Skits, and Sketches”, whatever that might mean, but in the process told the following story of fellow travellers on a train.

A young man in evening dress was sitting by the train window in company of two fair young women (‘tres chic, tres decollete”, whatever that might mean).  In the same carriage was a sweet, old-fashioned lady with two not-so-young, prim and grim women whom the narrator supposed were her spinster daughters — how unkind narrators can be. While the youth was in earnest converse with one of his pretty companions, the other took up her ukulele and began to tune the beast. Job done, she threw back her head and began to strum and sing “And when all is said and done, there is really only one, oh Margie, Margie it’s you.” (Not quite the ballad that I expected, but cute).

Someone suggested taking the hat around, but the spinsters would have frozen him, and the sweet old things was too shocked to move. Nevertheless, the songs continued for a station or two, and then the flappers and the young gent make their exit — dancing of the train and down the platform to the strains of a ukulele. No, we are told, this was not a story from Paris — who thought it was? — but down-town Milson’s Point station, Sydney.

What fun they had back in the day.

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“Skip to my Lou” Ukulele Chord Solo Demo

Skip to my Lou

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