All the videos for my book-in-progress are up on YouTube

I’ve now tabbed the 17 old songs to be included in my e-book that I’m hoping to publish sometime soon [see update here]. Its title is The Social Life of the Ukulele. I intend including some of the stories on this blog (my favourites) and of course tabs for some of the tunes posted here as well.
The final list of tunes is:

My Gal Sal by Paul Dresser (1895)
When You were Sweet Sixteen by James Thornton (1898)
Meet me in St Louis, Louis by Kerry Mills (1904)
By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Gus Edwards (1909)
I want a girl, just like the girl that married dear old Dad by Harry Von Tilzer (1911)
Moonlight Bay by Percy Wench (1912)
Peg o’ My Heart by Fred Fischer (1913)
You Made Me Love You by James Monaco (1913)
Poor Butterfly by Raymond Hubbell (1916)
If You were the Only Girl in the World by Nat D. Ayer (1916)
Pretty Baby by Tony Jackson and Egbert Van Alstyne (1916)
Somebody Stole My Gal by Leo Wood (1918)
Avalon by Al Jolson, B De Sylva and Vincent Rose (1920)
April Showers by Lou Silvers (1921)
Second Hand Rose by James F. Hanley (1921)
Ain’t We Got Fun by Richard A. Whiting (1921)
Carolina in the Morning by Walter Donaldson (1922)

Video demonstrations for these tune may be viewed here:

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