Martin Koa (concert) Uke with medium brown Worth strings

This Mexican-built concert Martin is a very nice uke. Although I’ve been told the look of the top and back wood can vary considerably between individual ukes, I think mine has a very fine appearance. The uke’s top wood might not be as thin as the original Martin concert ukes, but this one has good volume and tone. The intonation (in tune-ness) is excellent, although I might not have checked the tuning before I made the video in this post. I thought the ends of the frets were a little sharp-to-the-touch as they came from the factory, so I’ve rounded them with a fret file. The position markers are small and elegant. The Worth strings that I’ve just put on seem to be ideal for the uke. I have tried Worth Clear, Martin, and Nylgut strings, but these Worth brown (medium) seem to give the best balance of tone, volume and feel.

I added the pick-up post purchase.

20141122_093357 20141122_093404 20141122_093419 20141122_093528 20141122_093647

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