Birds and Ukulele 3

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Birds and ukulele

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A new timberlele

Another homemade ukulele — this is the first uke that I’ve made that didn’t result in me cutting myself in some way or other.


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Birds and ukulele

Here are some of my bird photos, with ukulele backing.

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Twin ukuleles what I made

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Beautiful Dreamer (sound test)

This is a sound test for HC-V160 video recorder.

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Fur Elise (sort of)

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What sort of Cockatoo?

Licmetis is a subgenus of the white cockatoos (genus Cacatua). They are collectively known as corellas in Australia.”


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Classic Spider


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Spider, breeze, sun and ukulele

Filmed with my HC-V160 panasonic thing from about 5 metres away (x77 zoom). The spider seems to bob to the strumming of the ukulele.

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