They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me (1917)

A silly song by Joe Macathy to a ripping tune by Fred Fisher from 1917…

They go wild, simply wild, over me!
They go mad, just as mad as they can be!
No matter where I’m at,
All the ladies, thin or fat,
The tall ones,
The small ones,
I grab them off like that!

Every night, how they fight over me!
I don’t know what it is that they can see!
The ladies look at me and sigh,
In my arms they wanna die!
They go wild, simply wild, over me!

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The Death of Queen Liliuokalani

Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii died November 11, 1917 — and she was quite a woman — a monarch and a composer on the ukulele (and other lesser instruments).

The event was marked on 13 November 1917 by the Evening Ledger in a most flippant way — with a poem.

For Liliuokalani

Queen Lil is dead.
Dead in Hawaii!
Low lies her head,
There in Hawaii.
Sorrowful cries
Doubtless arise
There where she lies
Dead in Hawaii.

Let tears be shed
Here in this country;
She’s just as dead
Here in this country.
Why should we not
Mourn her a lot?
Great chance we’re got
Here in this country!

Let us impound
Each ukulele!
Rob of its sound
Each ukulele.
Make the strings bust;
Rip ’em and thrust
Mute in the dust
Each ukulele!

Farewell to thee.

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More Poetry and the ukulele

The Evening Ledger (Philadelphia) of 21 July 1917 gave another poem featuring the ukulele.  Tom Daly (the fellow who gave the word ‘frumgeous’ to the world) in his column lamented the death of a famous poet of the USA, and thus could not bring himself to play the happy ukulele.

The Village Poet

Whenever it’s a Saturday
I should address you tritely,
Or stroll on Chestnut street and play
My ukulele lightly.

I know, in spite of draft and war–
Of which we’ve had an earful–
I should permit my muse to soar
And warble blithe and cheerful.

But this is why my eyes are dim
And I am thrall to sorrow:
I’ve just read Whitcombe Riley’s ‘Jim’
He’s dead a year tomorrow!

Sic transit gloria mundi.

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Sun, sand, wool and ukulele (1917)

The picture below appeared in the Evening Ledger (Philadelphia) on Thursday, 19 July 1917:

Two young women and one ukulele

The note reads:

“Your beach suit must be knit if you are to be strictly “in the swim”. The beach costume on the right is of striped grey wool, with a knit belt to match. The leaning toward black and white suitings still remains, as the other costume bears witness. Not least among the fads is the ukulele.”

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