Keep the booze, dump the uke

The St Joseph Observer of 18 March 1918 observed this from the Editor of the Hannibal Post:

While the government is considering prohibition for the Hawaiian islands, it might not be amiss to put some sort of ban on the ukuleles.

Prohibition, for those of you born closer to the beginning of this century than of the last, was the outlawing of the manufacture and sale of alcohol (it was very popular with gangsters during the 1920s and 30s in the United State of America).  I can just imagine how it would have run with a prohibition on ukuleles, with underground clubs and speak-easies selling their bootleg booze and ukes. The trouble is, they wouldn’t have been able to smuggle their drinks or Thompson machine-guns in ukulele cases, as that might have suggested a contraband ukulele to the authorities.

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Shades of the ’20s … in 1949

Life magazine noted in its 15 August edition of 1949 (page 26) that things were looking like the 1920s again. Only the previous week, it said…

A man went over Niagara Falls in a barrel. A young woman is preparing to swim the English Channel. Ukulele sales were booming, and 38 new midget golf courses were going strong around New York City alone. Best of all, a man in Cleveland was sitting atop a flagpole.

What! No typewriters?

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