Anytime, and not so happy Herbert Lawson

The author of that old-time favourite, Anytime, was recaptured in Chattanooga 15 days after he had escaped from the County Jail, Deland — so the Daytona Beach Morning Journal reported, 27 June, 1950.

Mr Lawson was being detained in order to answer two charges of embezzlement, and charges of removing property — as well, now, of jail breaking. He had promised to arrange and publish songs for a woman, but failed to do what he had been paid to do.

I can’t find any other biographical details of Herbert Lawson. Wish I had happier things to say.

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Ukelele Unwitting Aid to Crime

The New Zealand Evening Post of 18 May 1921 report on a romantic outing the went badly wrong for Melbourne Jeweller, D. Morrison.

He said he had been ‘the victim of a cunningly devised plot in which a young woman had acted as a decoy.’ The woman came into his shop some nights ago, bought a pair of earrings and told the interested jeweller that she just loved motoring. Morrison said that he had a car, and the lady let him know, coyly, that she was not unwilling to take an evening drive with him.

Morrison met the lady and they motored to Hampton Beach, where they sat for an hour near the water’s edge. The lady had said she was found of music, and Morrison had brought his ukelele. As they sat romantically on the beach, he played to her.

The jeweller thinks that the lady encouraged him to play so that they could be located. Morrison was suddenly attacked by two men, who had followed in a car and crept up behind him. He was hit on the head and he pretended insensibility. He was trussed up, and the men went through his pockets. The lady stood calmly by. Presently they found his keys.

One of the men and the woman drove off, leaving the other man to guard Morrison. The two returned about two hours later and picked up the third, leaving Morrison on the beach. Morrison managed to free himself and alerted the police. He and the law went immediately to his shop where they found the glass door broken in, but the steel inner door dented but in tact.  I suspect that this was the end of this jeweller’s willingness to believe the overly eager friendliness of young women.

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Ukulele with helicopter — Ma! He’s making eyes at me!

A tune from 1921 interrupted by traffic chopper.

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April Showers on ukulele

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My Mammy, a ukulele chord solo

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Karl Marx meets tin-pan-alley — Ain’t we got fun

Just posted a ruff version of the 1921 standard, Ain’t We Got Fun, and noticed that the words are interesting, particularly the third line in the second stanza:

‘the rich get rich and the poor get children’; Mmmm… sounds a bit like Karl Marx’s view of the proletariat — those lacking the ownership of the means production or distribution and only having their children (proles — Latin for children). Is this what Karl meant when he said the proletariat had nothing to loose but their chains? Unkind if true.

Words by Gus Kahn and Raymond B. Egan, Music by Richard A. Whiting.

(1st time through)
Ev-ry morning, ev-ry evening, ain’t we got fun.
Not much money, Oh but honey, ain’t we got fun.
The rent’s unpaid dear, We haven’t a bus.
But smiles are made dear, for people like us.

In the winter, in the summer, ain’t we got fun.
Times are rum and getting rummer, still we got fun.
there nothing surer; the rich get rich and the poor get children.
In the meantime, in between time, ain’t we got fun.

(2nd time through)
Ev-ry morning, ev-ry evening ain’t we got fun.
Twins and cares dear, come in pairs dear. Don’t we have fun.
We’ve only started as mommer and pop.
Are we down hearted? I’ll say that we’re not

Landlord’s mad and getting madder, ain’t we got fun.
Times are bad and getting badder, still we have fun.
There’s nothing surer the rich get rich and the poor get laid off.
In the meantime, in between time, ain’t we got fun.

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