If you are drunk, blame the ukelele player

Three young party goers were a little under the weather when officer O’Connell found them changing a tyre, according to the Lewiston Evening Journal, 25 May 1926.  They were on their way to a dance. The fellow who had been driving the car, obviously intoxicated but bright enough to want to avoid loosing his license, blamed one of his passengers. In court, Edgar Rivard was accused of drunk driving, but he claimed he didn’t have time to drive as he was too busy sitting in the back sit playing the ukelele. Judge Manser was impressed by the fact that the two activities were incompatible, especially if one were tanked. Noble Edgar told the court that, if he had been driving, he “would take [his] medicine like a man”. But all he was guilty of was wobbly strumming in the back of a Ford Sedan.

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