Another Ukulele Player Jailed

The Reading Eagle of 4 October 1926 reported that Charles Mohawk, a Native American, was sentenced to 6 months in the workhouse on a charge of disorderly conduct. Apparently, he was alone and cold in New York — West End Avenue — so he crawled into the basement of an apartment house and made a fire, wrapped a blanket around his shoulders, and sang sad songs to the strumming of his ukulele. Tenants of the apartment building heard singing and saw smoke, so they called the police and hit the fire alarm.

At the police station, it was learned that 42 year old Charles had worked in “Buffalo Bill” Codys’ show as a rider, and produced a photograph to prove it. After receiving his sentence, Charles was reported as saying that it was just as well, as his friends were gone, his brothers were gone, and so was Bill. He was all alone.

I hope they let him keep his uke.

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Practice Ukulele in Jail, Says Judge

The Norwalk Hour reported on 9 October 1925 that James A. Manning will have to practice his ukulele playing in jail. Apparently he was nicked for stealing an overcoat from the YD Club, Temple Street, New Haven. He says that he was drunk and a nice person at the club said he could wear it. John L Long said that he didn’t let Manning wear the coat, and it was John L. Long’s coat.

Manning said that he was no thief and that he was just about to open a dance and ukulele school. The judge fined Manning $15 and sent him to jail for 15 days, telling that him could dance and practice his ukulele there.

More people in gaol should dance and play uke, I think.

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