Yet another homemade ukulele

This homemade uke has a huon pine top, a Queensland maple neck and headstock, a rosewood bridge, all based around a cheap tambourine body.

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The ‘Gourdulele’ is here!

This is my latest homemade uke.

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Tamborlele II

My latest creation…

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Homemade Banjo Ukulele — Tamborlele

Here are some pictures of my homemade Tamborlele — I took the tingles off the tamborine, added a maple neck and Tasmanian Oak (=gumtree) brace, bridge and strings, and presto — Bob’s your parent’s sibling!




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Popular Mechanics and the Ukulele

I was browsing through google books and came across this article: ‘A Homemade Hawaiian Ukulele‘ in Popular Mechanics June, 1917 (pages 946-947). 

S.H. Samuels gives instructions on making a cigar-box ukulele.  If you’re handy, it might be worth a look.

In 1917, Samuels could say, “This neat ukulele was made at a cost of 30 cents, by careful selection of materials from the shop scrap stock.”

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