More Poetry and the ukulele

The Evening Ledger (Philadelphia) of 21 July 1917 gave another poem featuring the ukulele.¬† Tom Daly (the fellow who gave the word ‘frumgeous’ to the world) in his¬†column lamented the death of a famous poet of the USA, and thus could not bring himself to play the happy ukulele.

The Village Poet

Whenever it’s a Saturday
I should address you tritely,
Or stroll on Chestnut street and play
My ukulele lightly.

I know, in spite of draft and war–
Of which we’ve had an earful–
I should permit my muse to soar
And warble blithe and cheerful.

But this is why my eyes are dim
And I am thrall to sorrow:
I’ve just read Whitcombe Riley’s ‘Jim’
He’s dead a year tomorrow!

Sic transit gloria mundi.

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