Old Ukulele Player in the Park

I was walking around the track in our local park this afternoon, strumming a tune or two, when I saw a wedding party. So, I changed my tune to “For me and my gal” (1917), a song about looking forward to a wedding. My wife tells me that no one on the planet will see the link. I play such old tunes.

A little later, I’m about to cross one of the bridges that go over the creek in the park, and I come across a few young boys on bikes and scooters. They looked to be between 3 and 7 years old. The oldest asks me to play them a tune. So I say, ‘Ok, but you won’t know it; it’s about 80 years old — “Blue Hawaii”‘. While I start playing, one of the boys is thinking…. “I probably wasn’t born then,” he says. “Were you?”

I’ve got to start taking more of those vitamin tablets…

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