Ukulele (and love) conquers all

Evening Public Ledger (Philadelphia) 24 January 1918, page 2, reported the following:

Ukulele Welds Two Hearts in Love Knot

But Soft, Black Eyes Had Hard Work to Subdue Stern Parent

The famous Hawaiian ukulele, which has had a lot to answer for, has made at least two loving hearts happy in the persons of Assunta Di Gullio, fifteen years old, of 508 South Bancroft Street, and Michael Perna, twenty-two years old, of 1525 South Juniper Street. They are now Mr and Mrs Perna after a long series of misadventures culminating in their marriage by Magistrate Harris.

Assunta, an unusually pretty Italian girl, lived with her father, Rocco, who did not like the attentions of Michael, although the daughter did. Perhaps it was because he played the ukulele (Michael, not Rocco). At any rate, the music made a great hit with Assunta and she wanted Michael. They knew that the girl’s father would not have it, so last Sunday, Michael took his ukulele and Assunta to Wilmington, where he got a license and they settled down to wait for the necessary forty-eight hours to elapse before they could be married.

In the meantime, father Rocco missed the dulcet strains of the ukulele. He also missed Assunta and Michael, and got his friend, James Julian, a private detective, to look the missing trio up. Julian has a sister living at 1903 West fourth Street, Wilmington, and thither the father and the sleuth went, arriving about two hours before the forty-eight hours were up, much to the sorrow of the two elopers, who were soon located.

They were arrested and the four started back to Philadelphia, still accompanied by the ukulele. On the way up to this city Assunta used her black eyes and winning ways on her father to such good effect that before the city was reached father had consented to overlook the ukulele proclivities of Michael and consented to the marriage. Then they found out that they only had a Wilmington license and had to hunt another. Finally the two hearts were made one by Magistrate Harris, and Michael, tucking his ukulele and his Assunta under his arm, went happily away on his delayed honeymoon.

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Sun, sand, wool and ukulele (1917)

The picture below appeared in the Evening Ledger (Philadelphia) on Thursday, 19 July 1917:

Two young women and one ukulele

The note reads:

“Your beach suit must be knit if you are to be strictly “in the swim”. The beach costume on the right is of striped grey wool, with a knit belt to match. The leaning toward black and white suitings still remains, as the other costume bears witness. Not least among the fads is the ukulele.”

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