The earth moves, and ukuleles play

The San Francisco Call, 23 May 1906, reports that Captain Berger’s Royal Hawaiian Band will play in San Francisco.

Captain Berger has probably the largest Gee Club in the world, and its first concerts will be given in San Franciso for the relief of earthquake sufferers ….

There are forty-five members of the band. Ten of them played violin, three played cellos, two played bass viols and the rest were evenly divided between guitars and ukuleles. Nobody ever saw so many ukuleles being played at one time before and it was a surprising novelty even in Hawaii.

That last paragraph reads like cross between a joke and a year five maths question — “How many ukuleles played at once will surprise even an Hawaiian?”

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For the Girl who has everything and nothing– a ukulele

From the Hawaiian Gazette, 23 May 1913:

Left Trunks, Took Ukulele

When Miss Isonina Davies, daughter of N. R. N. Davies, proprietor of the Grand Hotel at Yokohama, arrived at San Francisco on the steamship Persia, May 14, from Honolulu, all the baggage she had to concern herself with consisted of the clothes which she wore when she went ashore, and a ukulele and a camera.

It wasn’t that the young woman didn’t have any other baggage. It was only after she sailed from Honolulu that it was discovered her trunks were not aboard. While she was leaning at the rail watching Diamond Head fade from sight and strumming her ukulele, her trunks reposed on the wharf here, while the transfer man was tearing up and down the wharf wondering what the young woman would say when she discovered her loss. But Miss Davies did not lose her temper. She strummed her ukulele just a bit more. Fellow passengers of the fair young woman came to her rescue with wearing apparel. A wireless message was sent to Honolulu and the transfer man sent the trunks on the following steamer. When she when down the gangway at San Francisco the customs men inquired for her baggage.

“You’re looking at it,” smiled the young woman while the inspectors gasped in astonishment.

Those hotel heiresses…

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