What did Tacoma girls want? The YWCA survey of 1916

The Tacoma Times 11 October 1916 printed some results from the YMCA survey. Of the 135 replies, the following was revealed.

What did they like best for amusement?

90 :- Swimming                                          39:- hiking
73 :- Dancing                                              35:- Tennis
56 :- Boating                                                27:- Bowling
49 :- Horse riding                                      25:- Parties
47 :- movies                                                19:- Folk dancing
41 :- picnics                                                 14:- Games 

It seems that ‘best’ must be read with a little latitude, as there are 455 ‘best’ liked activities from 135 girls.

What else do we learn?

THIRTY-TWO of them play UKULELE! (while only seven play mandolin and six guitar).

Some 38 girls wanted to learn cooking, 35 crochet, and 23 wanted Bible classes. Some 38 wanted dramatic classes, 38 Red Cross first-aid classes, 30 political talks, but only 16 wanted to know how to invest money.

Most of the girls (71) worked in sales, 24 worked in manufacture, and the remaining 40 were made up of stenographers, book-keepers, nurses, housemaids, dressmakers, school-teachers and the sort.

Most of the girls (100) lived  at home, others lived away from home, or didn’t want to say. Only 35 were attending night school.

But remember, 32 of them played ukulele.

BTW: Where is Tacoma?


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