Birds and ukulele

Here are some of my bird photos, with ukulele backing.

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Fur Elise (sort of)

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Classic Spider


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Latest home-made uke

The sound you hear is the instrument itself — cheap tambourine body, solid black wattle top and bottom, Qld maple neck, Huon Pine veneer on head-stock, rosewood bridge. my usual untidy work.

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Another Tamborlele (Sopert or Conrano size)

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Practice Piece — 5-String Uke

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Another Black Box ukulele

I had a week’s holiday, and used some of it to make this ukulele. This time I used a wood branding/burning tool to create fret-position markers.

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BlackWattle ukulele

The black-box uke…

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DIY Blackwood (wattle) ukulele

This is my home make ukulele with very thin top wood (1.3mm thickness on average). It is also very loud if strummed vigorously. At the moment I’m playing safe and not tuning it above F Bb D G.

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Yet another homemade ukulele

This homemade uke has a huon pine top, a Queensland maple neck and headstock, a rosewood bridge, all based around a cheap tambourine body.

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