A Timborlele? DIY Uke

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The ‘Gourdulele’ is here!

This is my latest homemade uke.

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My Basswood Brick Ukulele

I got a Mitre Saw for Christmas… I still have most of my fingers.

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Gaudeamus Igitur (So, let us rejoice)

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Tuning your ukulele F Bb D G

I used a low ‘G’ string as my third string and tuned it to Bb. Then I used the ‘C’ string as my second string and tuned it to D. I took an ‘E’ string as my 1st string and tuned it to ‘G’. Finally, I took another ‘E’ string as my fourth string and tuned it to ‘D’. I think it works ok. BTW — the reason my ring-finger looks so red is that I jammed it between a wooden post and my lawn mower’s handle bar. I’ve now got a semi-circular wound the matches my wedding ring.

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O Sole Mio (1898)

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Waiting for the Robert E Lee (1912) on ukulele

Robert E Lee_1 Robert E Lee_2

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Ha Ha Ha (ukulele abuse)

The Sydney Sunday Times (which mercifully folded in 1930), pubished this little treat on the 16th of October, 1927:

“The ukulele is a handy musical instrument on the river”, says a writer. It is an excellent plan to keep one in the bottom of the boat to use, club like, on anyone playing one in another boat”

How did they come up with such witty lines before day-time television?

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Ukulele sketches … projected book on hold

Sad to say that my book, The Social Life of the Ukulele, is on hold due to copyright problems (the EU has totally different Ideas to the UK, US and Oz as to what is public domain). So, as a poor consolation, here are some of the pictures that I drew to accompany the book (now without the book) SEE UPDATE HERE.

Can you tell which stories they are intended to illustrate?

3 men 1 girl_01 Boy for sale_01 Digger with uke_01 Girl wth goat_01 I'm not in society_01 Kiki roberts_01 Me Tarzan play uke_01 Shot While playing uke_01 ukulele souls

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Crying Just for You (1913) on ukulele

A great old tune by Jimmy Monaco, written the same year he produced ‘You Made Me Love You’

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