my ukulele book — one-off printing on request

The first edition of my ukulele book is sold out, but, while I’m thinking about reprinting or otherwise, I’d be happy to make one off copies (printed and stapled, but no cover) for $12 (AUD) plus postage and handling for anyone who is interested.

The book aims to help ukulele strummers play the tune as they strum. You can learn a little about it in the video below:

Information on how to buy it can also be found on the ‘how-to-buy-my-book’ page.

I donate to youngcare half the net purchase price of any book sold.


If you don’t want to buy my book (that’s ok), please consider donating to youngcare yourself.

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The ‘Gourdulele’ is here!

This is my latest homemade uke.

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Tamborlele II

My latest creation…

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The Tamborlele Demo

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Homemade Banjo Ukulele — Tamborlele

Here are some pictures of my homemade Tamborlele — I took the tingles off the tamborine, added a maple neck and Tasmanian Oak (=gumtree) brace, bridge and strings, and presto — Bob’s your parent’s sibling!




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My Collection of Ukulele Tunes is now available!

Please have a look and tell me what you think.

You may obtain a copy here.

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My Basswood Brick Ukulele

I got a Mitre Saw for Christmas… I still have most of my fingers.

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Gaudeamus Igitur (So, let us rejoice)

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Tuning your ukulele F Bb D G

I used a low ‘G’ string as my third string and tuned it to Bb. Then I used the ‘C’ string as my second string and tuned it to D. I took an ‘E’ string as my 1st string and tuned it to ‘G’. Finally, I took another ‘E’ string as my fourth string and tuned it to ‘D’. I think it works ok. BTW — the reason my ring-finger looks so red is that I jammed it between a wooden post and my lawn mower’s handle bar. I’ve now got a semi-circular wound the matches my wedding ring.

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O Sole Mio (1898)

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Waiting for the Robert E Lee (1912) on ukulele

Robert E Lee_1 Robert E Lee_2

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